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Male Infertility Diagnosis

Male Consultation: This is a difficult time for you and your partner; however, diagnosing the problem is an important milestone. Whether the diagnosis is male-related or female-related, you and your partner need to deal with your infertility as a team regardless of the cause.

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Pain in Lower tummy during menses., It may be Primary or secondary, Primary is due to tightening of the muscle of the womb and no hidden disease , occur in women less than 25 years of age and relieved by pain lessen drugs...

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Ovulatory Dysfunction

I was in the Clinic three days ago. I have been having irregular menses for the past 1 year, and have not been paying particular attention to it until when i started keeping record.  It became clear to me that it has not being normal and reliable. After going through the records. He said this is ovulatory dysfunction. I replied: Sir, what is so called?

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8 Causes of Male Infertility, You Must Know.

Infertility is a race against Age. This is a known fact amongst women. We know that, in most cases, when a woman...

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Twiblings: Best Option For Twins Through IVF

  Twiblings is having two of your embryos…. Eggs fertilized by your husband's sperms  transferred into two different...

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Don't Allow False Pregnancy Lay You Up

False Pregnancy occurs when you feel you are pregnant but you are not pregnant. You may have symptoms of pregnancy but...

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