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Modern treatment of infertility has made it easier for married couple

 who can be prayerful, patience and persevere to achieve their ambition in life.

The ambition of having that desired baby. You don't  have to relent on your efforts.

Great men are the determined ones!

Amazingly: Easy simple ways from Infertility to Fertility. 

Infertility happens when married couple of less than 36 years of age, cannot achieve pregnancy after 12 months of full and free sex.

 For young couple, pregnancy occurs in 85 per cent in the first year of marriage 

and 93 percent in the second year of marriage.

 It is important  to know the Female Reproductive Organs.

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Vulva is that opening of the vagina to the outside

Uterus ( womb) that part of the Reproductive tract where the egg after meeting  spem are kept and grow to maturity.

 It contains:

 1. the body of the uterus which directs the sperm to the tube for fertilization of the egg. It contains two linings.

2. The cervix which directs sperm to the uterus.

Ovaries(sex organs)Where the eggs grow to maturity and then released to the tubes .

Tubes connect the ovaries to the uterus. Fertilization and the first five days of baby's growth occur here. 

When matured,  egg is released from the ovary every month. 

Sperm meets, fuses with eggs during fertilization, Babies grow from fertilized eggs.

Menses: Shedding of the lining of the womb every month,  is measured from the first day of your period to the start of the next 

Why will you need IVF?


1.Blocked tubes due to disease or when it is tied or removed, 

2. Poor eggs in number and make up due to advanced age or young age in ovarian failure

3. Fertility Preservation for cancer patient or for personal reasons eg advanced age without  partner.

4. Trouble with eggs release like irregular,  absent ovulation, fewer or no egg present

5. Endometriosis, where cells of the lining of the womb are set up in the abdomen, pelvis

 and usually in the ovaries affecting the relationship of the tubes and ovaries, uterus and the pelvis

6. Egg donation in advanced age and young people with failure of ovary

7. Egg freezing for those who want to delay pregnancy in order to pursue higher learning or advanced job

8. Surrogacy: women born without womb, with damaged womb or who have diseases and 

cannot carry pregnancy, by which fertilized eggs are placed inside another women to help them


1. Male Infertility:  low number  or absent sperm. No proper movement and shape

2. No sperm at all 


1. Unexplained Infertility.  No cause is singled out  after blood or other tests

2. Sex selection to prevent hereditary disease 


 Dr. G. L. Yahaya is a fertility specialist and Laparoscopic surgeon

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