are whole and strong.

I salute your courage!

Break away from low esteem.

Believe in yourself, be dogged determined.

Do not chicken out.

While living with Infertility, do not underestimate your potentials.

Successful people refuse to give up in life, they have strong goals.

Failures, obstacles and discouragement act as motivation.

Good things in life are for those who believe,

better things belong to those who are patient,

those who never give up inherit the  best of  all things.

Tough times are temporary  but tough peoples are not.

Be strong today, why? I can see light at the end of the tunnel.

Let Prayer and patient be your virtues.

It may be stormy today but that rain will not  last for ever.

The treatment can fail. Yes! Just like everything in life.

 Look around, everything  fails at one time or another.

Building collapses, yet you live under the roof.

Car crashes yet you travel.

We fail exams,  yet we write papers.

You are  rare people with something to achieve in life.

If you fail, start all over again, nothing in this life can prevent you from achieving  that.

Failure is part of life. Do not be scared of failure.

Fail several times but rise up again.

Rise you must do!


Remember  that the man who moves the mountain, 

start by lifting small stones.

 It is too costly., Yes!  Save for it.

Baby is precious gift from God

After all, you save to buy  cars,

 jewelries and  clothes

There is no expenses  you cannot cut.

Set your priority right!

Even if you have terrible destiny written for you,

 efforts and prayers can still change it.

See the right person at the right time to avoid draining your resources.

If your hire monkeys you pay banana.

God gives babies, but heaven helps those who help themselves

Infertility like any other problems are meant to be solved.

Be focus, do not lose sight. Do not allow it to enslave you.

Happy people lack the best things but utilize the best of what they have.

Clear that obstacle between and your dream of having that much desired baby.

I know that the journey has been lonely and tough, full of of snakes and scorpions.

I believe  you have the potential  to do what you can,

with that courage you have, where you are.

Do not limit yourself because achievers do not.

With your courage the sky is the beginning.

Chicken hearted people, do not achieve in life..

Giving you 100 percent assurance is deception.

Only God can give that.

All your dreams can come to past, only if you have the courage to pursue it.

Remember  that young courageous, Yusuf in the holy Book.

 Do not be discouraged, your time is near, where you are is not your place in life.

Everybody has problems,  do not allow  your problems  to overwhelm you.

Forget about it, take a deep breath,  be optimistic. Good things are coming.

Positive thinking is a strong thinking.

Whatever you want in life,

start thinking that you have the power to achieve  it.

 Go for training and arm yourself  with degrees.

Set your focus  on the best side of life and wait for positive result.

Strength comes from overcoming that thing you think is impossible.

Develop your character in ease, quiet and humility.

You can only be strengthened through experience,

trial and suffering, after which your ambition  inspire you and your success is achieved.

May the Good Lord be with you.

I pray for your Success.


Dr. G. L Yahaya is a Fertility Specialist and Laparoscopic surgeon.

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