▪A Surrogate mother under the law agrees with the Parent 

to carry her pregnancy  till delivery using Assisted Reproductive Conception (ART) ,

most of the time IVF.

After birth the baby is given to the hospital which then deliver to the

 Intended parent .

There are two types of Surrogate Mothers:

Traditional Surrogate mother uses her own eggs through artificial insemination.

The woman's egg is artificially inseminated with the father's sperm.

She as the baby's biological mother, carries the pregnancy and deliver the baby

for the intended parent to raise. 

The Surrogate mother’s egg can also be inseminated with Donor's Sperm.

In Gestational Surrogacy, intended mother is given hormones through IVF ,

to make many eggs which are then collected.

Insemination is done with her husband's sperm.

The baby obtained are then placed in surrogate mother's womb

to carry the pregnancy, 

 ▪She gives birth to the baby which is then given through the Hospital

   to the intended parent.

The surrogate mother has no genetic link to the baby

since it was not her eggs that was used.

The owner of the eggs fertilized is the biological mother.

Gestational Surrogacy is less complex than Traditional surrogacy

 since the parent has genetic link to the baby.


▪Women who have problems with their Wombs

▪With no wombs at birth or removed by operation 

▪Not fit to carry pregnancy 


▪ Less than 21years

▪At least have one healthy baby and know

 the medical risks of pregnancy and childbirth

and emotional issues of mother and child bonding

▪ Go through mental health screening and be certified 

by mental professional to be  free of any issue that will prevent

her from giving up the baby after birth.

▪She will sign legal papers to behave well during pregnancy,

ensure prenatal care and release the baby after birth.

▪If she is married the husband is involved right from the beginning 

▪ Parent to be should take  care of her welfare,

antenatal care till she delivers the baby.

▪Surrogate Agents are also involved from day one.


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